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Transfers to and from Bellagio and Lake Como area are possible also in winter with our car transfer service

Bellagio and Lake Como are beautiful and easily accessible with our  car transfers service ( ) also in winter and easily visitable with  our  PRIVATE TAXI  NCC ( ). The mountains that surround the lake are beautiful when the snow whitens them and  it’s fun to reach them for a day of ski (this is possible thanks to our car transfer service) and in the evening return confortably to your hotel in Bellagio or the village of  Como Lake that you will choose for your holiday. After a hot shower you can choose to have dinner in a tipical restaurant of Bellagio or neighboring countries.The tipical menu is usually composed of fish of the lake with polenta and somentime is possible to eat TOC a polenta with cheese and butter that you can find only here. After dinner you can come back in safety at your hotel with our Private Taxi service   ( ).At the end of your holiday in Bellagio you will be able to came back in airport with our transfer service.


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